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Private Jet Residence


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Raised of $1,000,000,000.00 Goal

Raised of $1,000,000,000.00 Goal
Location Thailand


TG Issues Private Jet Residence Digital Bond with Fireblocks

Token Name: Private Jet Residence
Token Symbol: PJST
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 billion tokens)
Type of Token: Digital Bond
Coupon / Yield: 0% interest per annual
Use of Proceeds: The net proceeds of the issue of the digital bond will be used for the construction of 140 Private Jet Residences at Best Ocean Airpark, Thailand
Token Address:
Fireblocks Vault Address: 0x8e4049969D658B199F41850A597fe15A1E9473fC
Capital Trust Group Fireblocks Network ID: fe773c32-d60b-1779-0ef7-d33e24cec2e6

PJST Digital Bond:

Ticker: PJST
Description: Unsecured, fixed rate debt securities
Amount of Issue: US$ 3 billion
Issuer Price: US$ 1.00 per bond
Issue date: 19 January 2023
Interest rate: 4% per annum
First interest payment date: 19 April 2025
Maturity date: 19 April 2026
Exit Strategy: Sell the Private Jet Villa with at least 30% premium

Additional Benefit to Digital Bond Token Holder;
1.Special Dividend Payout from 40% of Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT)
2.Special Benefit of waiving landing fee of Private Jet Residence Project
3.Enjoy staying at Private Jet Residence for 10 days year (Minimum 2 days per each booking for only Digital Bond buying amount at least US$16.8 million worth of "PJST")
4.Benefit from 50% of the earning of Private Jet Trading Challenge Event operated by former Swiss Banker. (Target to have 10 million trader participants per year and target to generate over US$ 100 million in net revenue)
5.Benefit from future revenue potential in the future.


CTG Issues Private Jet Residence Digital Bond with Fireblocks

Capital Trust Group Limited (or "CTG"), formed in 2011 and headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, has become the first investment management service firm in New Zealand to issue a digital bond as a type of security tokens on Polygon, a public blockchain. “PJST” stands for Private Jet Residence Securities Token.

This digital bond offering, launched as a private placement via Fireblocks Network Link with the volume of US$1 billion, will target high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors to fund Asia's first and only super-luxury Private Jet Residence and Golf Course Project by Best Ocean Golf Co. Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand. Investment bankers and financial advisers are invited to participate. (*The digital bond will be exclusive sell through Fireblocks Network Link or through private placement only)

CTG's digital bond issuance is an innovative way of providing an alternative financing channel for the traditional real estate market. In addition, CTG’s initiative to digitize and securitize real assets allows for the fractionalization and aggregation of real asset ownership. It also showcases one of the many potential applications of digital transformation for traditional businesses.  

For the issuance of PJST, CTG worked with Fireblocks, a digital asset custody and transfer technology provider, to securely mint, burn, self-custody, and distribute the PJST digital bond to investors. Ownership of the PJST digital bond will be recorded on the blockchain after high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors complete the PJST digital bond purchase.

Power-All Networks Ltd. (PAN) and PowerAll Research, Inc (PAR) are CTG’s global technology and business partners in the digitization of real assets.

Stephen Richardson, Head of APAC and SVP of Financial Markets at Fireblocks, said, “CTG’s issuance of PJST is one example of blockchain’s potential to disrupt financial markets by way of tokenization. We are delighted to support CTG in providing the most secure and robust tokenization platform, allowing for turnkey token issuance and management, as well as secure token storage and transfer.”

Capital Trust Group Limited is a New Zealand-based blockchain advisory and proprietary trading firm chaired by Mr.Kim Hak-Su, the the 8th Executive Secretary of the United Nations ESCAP. CTG has been providing an online trading platform for proprietary traders in accessing stocks, ETFs, bonds, options, futures, metals and currencies – all available through a single multi-currency online margin trading account.

Power-All Networks Ltd. (PAN), a subsidiary of Foxconn, is a serial pioneer in technology including, but not limited to, Inter-Cloud computing and blockchain ecosystems. Foxconn is the leading worldwide OEM and product technology company with over 70,000 patents. Hon Hai, its holding company, is listed as no. 20 in the 2022 Fortune Global 500 ranking of the world's largest corporations in sales.

Power All Research (PAR), located in San Jose, California, is a strategic R&D company covering areas beyond the scope of engineering by PAN including, but not limited to, advanced computing optimization for solving nonlinear equations, optimization of distributed networks by blockchains and more. PAR has been a prolific innovator and an R&D partner of PAN since its inception 10 years ago.

Media Details:

Company name: Capital Trust Group Limited

Company email: [email protected]

Company website:  ,

Country name: New Zealand

Reference Website from Power-All Networks Ltd., a subsidiary of Foxconn:

CTG Issues Private Jet Residence Digital Bond with Fireblocks

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CTG Issues Private Jet Residence Digital Bond with Fireblocks

Capital Trust Group Issues First Digital Bond in New Zealand with Fireblocks

\ud83d\udce3 Fireblocks Network Fridays: @capitaltrustnz is a New Zealand-based company that offers an education tech & trading platform for startups to create their own social investment network.